GOOD FRIDAY – 3:00pm Service
      This is a day of Fast and Abstinence
      We gather quietly on Friday and listen to scripture, including the passion from the Gospel of John.  We pray at length for all the world’s needs.  Then there is another once a year event.  The cross is held up in our midst and we come forward to do reverence with a touch or bow.  We also give our Share Lent offering to help the poor regions of our world.  All the while we sing of not only our sorrow but for the glory of the cross.

      EASTER VIGIL 9:00pm  (There is no 4:00pm Mass)
      The church gathers in the darkness and lights a new fire and a great candle that will make this night bright for us.  We listen to some of our most powerful stories in scripture – the story of creation, Abraham and Isaac.  Moses and Miriam, poems of promise and rejoicing, the Gospel of the Resurrection.
      We then pray to all our saints, go to the font and bless water. 
      All of us renew our baptism.  For us these are moments when death and life meet, when we reject evil and give our promises to God.  All this in the communion we call Church.  So together we go to the table and celebrate the Easter Eucharist.
      Then ALLELUIA is our song.


      Catholics around the world have joined a global campaign called “ONE HUMAN FAMILY FOOD FOR ALL”, which was launched by the Holy Father Pope Frances.  DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE, which was established by Canadian Catholic Bishops with a mandate to be in solidarity with the Global South, has answered his call.  Our goal is to create change so that the abundance of God’s creation is shared equally amongst all around the world.
      Your Development and Peace committee is asking you to give generously to this year’s SHARE LENT CAMPAIGN so that we can help to ensure that everyone receives their daily bread. This collection will take place at the service on Good Friday, April 18th.

    • ARISE Small Group Online Sign-up Form now available

      ARISE small group sign-up forms are now available online. Go to 'ARISE' drop down menu and follow 'ARISE together in Christ'.

    • Prayer Requests
      Should you wish to have someone pray for you or a friend please contact Connie Celli at 705-945-7034.
    • Parish Covenant

      As a hope-filled, Christ-centered people, the community of St. Jerome Parish will strive to make Christ visible as we reach out to love, serve and support all God's people.

    • Our Mission

      In love and service St. Jerome will seek to meet its covenant commitment through life giving liturgy, religious education, outreach and community living.

      Come join us for an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, April 20th after the 11:00 am Mass. The egg hunt might be outside dependant on the weather.
      On Holy Saturday,
      April19th the Environment Committee will need help to decorate the church.  There are many jobs to be done … ironing, watering plants, arranging displays, etc.  We also welcome men for hanging draperies and for the lifting of heavier items.  We begin at 10:00am.  Coffee will be available.