ARISE Together in Christ is a diocese-wide process designed to help participants become better hearers and doers of the Word of God.  One way to do this is through joining small faith-sharing groups in each of the five seasons. 
      In small groups we do not meet together simply to pray; however, all that we do together is done prayerfully.  We do not meet together simply to study scripture; however, we do break open the Word of God to help us see His presence and actions in our daily lives.  We do not meet together simply to plan and commit good actions; however, we accept the challenge of a faith that implies commitment to building a better world and better relationships among ourselves.
      The real secret is not in any one of these elements but in how they are interrelated and balanced together in a way that leaves us open to the Spirit.  (adapted from ARISE Together in Christ, Season 3: In the Footsteps of Christ)
      In this third season, we will explore what it means to “walk in the footsteps of Christ”.  You do not have to have attended either of the first two seasons to participate in this.  Each season stands alone.

      1. Speak to a member of the ARISE Team at any time (Brenda Cooper, Marcel Lefebvre, Sr. Roberta Low, Linda Symboluk)’
      2. Visit one of the Sign-up tables which will be available at Masses on:
        1. Saturday, September 20th;
        2. Sunday, September 21st.
      3. Leave your name and phone number at the parish office and someone will contact you.

      Please stop by one of the sign-up tables to confirm that you want to continue.  If you are unable to do this, your small group leader will call you.
      Please call Brenda Cooper 575-0695

    • Children's Liturgy Volunteers Needed
      Each Sunday during the 11:00am Mass, beginning October 5, children of all ages have the opportunity to learn about the Word of God in a small group setting.  During each session, an adapted version of the current Gospel is read by the group facilitator.  Each reading is followed by a discussion and a related activity, designed to help the children make connections between God`s Word and their daily lives. No teaching experience is necessary.  The children are inspiring and fun!  Orientation and training will be available.
      Time commitment: The schedule runs in rotation, therefore the frequency of volunteering depends on the number of individuals involved.  (e.g. with 6 group facilitators, each member would conduct a lesson once every 6 weeks).  No teaching experience is necessary. For more information please contact Hilda Bojko at 705-946-29.98 or email  Hilda.bojko @yahoo.ca

    • HELP WANTED - Souper Sunday Organizer
      In order to keep our soup Sundays happening, we urgently need a person to organize all the volunteers who make soup, set up, serve and clean up.

      Job Requirements:
      • Call people to make soup, donate buns and dessert (list the people available)
      • Organize and be present for set-up and clean-up (teams of 3-4 people each)
      • On the morning of the event, be present to receive soup and keep it hot

      Time Required:

      Souper Sundays are usually held two or three times each ARISE season. This fall there will be one in October and November. Hands-on training from an experienced person is available


      The enjoyment of watching fellow parishioners enjoying fellowship while eating delicious food. A wage beyond price

      To apply, please contact Brenda Cooper at 705-575-0695 (please leave a message if no one answers)

      Thank you in advance

    • The Journey
      The Journey

      Over the summer, the Journey volunteers have been hard at work building partnerships throughout the community, especially with the Parishes and Catholic Organizations. In addition, a great deal of work has been done to prepare for this year’s Journey Lottery with tickets becoming available in September. Many events are being planned, which will include all of the Parishes in the area and we look forward to inviting all Catholics to participate by volunteering, attending and donating items.
      1. The Knights of Columbus are hosting Journey Pasta and Meatball Dinners at the Grand Gardens on Dennis St. every first Tuesday of the month commencing September, 2nd from 5:00pm to 7pm. Pasta and Meatballs will be served at a very affordable price for all @ $9.99 for adults and $5.99 for children.

      2. The Journey Garage Sale and Fall Harvest will be held on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st, 2014 from 8:00am to 2:00pm, Indoors, at the St. Jerome’s Church PARISH Hall (The Rev. Buchheit Hall) at 26 Carmel Rd.
      Please participate by donating your Garage Sale items to the Journey, such as: collectibles, coins, jewelry, household items, paintings, camping and musical instruments. (PLEASE NO CLOTHING OR LARGE APPLIANCES) and FALL HARVEST items, such as baked goods, preserves (jams, jellies, pickles, etc.) and fresh vegetables from your gardens.
      Garage Sale items will be received at St. Jerome’s Parish Hall from 3pm to 5pm each day from Saturday, September 13th to Friday, September 19th.
      Fall Harvest items will be received at St. Jerome’s Parish Hall from noon to 5pm on Friday, September 19th.
      If there are any questions, please call or text Jean Paul Hebert @ 705-257-0644 or Vince Sguigna @ 705-542-1240.
    • ARISE Small Group Online Sign-up Form now available

      ARISE small group sign-up forms are now available online. Go to 'ARISE' drop down menu and follow 'ARISE together in Christ'.

    • ARISE Together in Christ - Season 3: Following in the Footsteps of Christ
      In Season 3, our small faith-sharing groups will explore what it means to be called to live as a follower of Christ.  Sessions will look at how we are called to:
      • Christ’s mission today
      • To bring joy and hope
      • To lifegiving love
      • To be neighbour
      Season 3 will run from the week of October 12 to the week of November 16. 
      Watch for details of small group sign-up in next week’s bulletin.

    • Prayer Requests
      Should you wish to have someone pray for you or a friend please contact Connie Celli at 705-945-7034.
    • Parish Covenant

      As a hope-filled, Christ-centered people, the community of St. Jerome Parish will strive to make Christ visible as we reach out to love, serve and support all God's people.

    • Our Mission

      In love and service St. Jerome will seek to meet its covenant commitment through life giving liturgy, religious education, outreach and community living.

    • Summer Mass Schedule
      During the summer months, many of our parishioners are travelling or at camp.  Last summer our building, which seats about 500 people, had about 60 people at the 11:00am Mass.  With so many people away, it gets difficult to schedule ushers, readers, servers, musicians and ministers of communion, who also appreciate a chance to get away with family.  And a largely empty church makes for a less-than-inspiring celebration for all.
      We have decided to combine our two Sunday Masses into one for the months of July-September; and so, beginning the weekend of July 5-6, and ending the weekend of September 27-28, we will have
      Saturday 4:00pm Mass
      Sunday 10:00am Mass
      The weekend Mass schedule will return to normal for the weekend of October 4-5.
      For the months of July and August, there will be no weekday 12:10 Masses; the Pathways Mass on the first Friday of the month, however, will continue through the summer.
      Lottery tickets for 'The Journey' will soon be available and sold at several venues around town. Norm Dugas, from our parish, is co-ordinating ticket sales at St. Jerome. If you are interested in purchasing any tickets or would like to help sell tickets after any of the masses in the fall, please contact him at 705-297-3743 or via email at dugasna@gmail.com.
      Tickets are $20 each for a chance to win $1000. There are 49 draws throughout the year, beginning January 25th, 2015 and your ticket is included in each of these 49 draws. (They make a great stocking stuffer.)